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Personal Growth Institute is dedicated to the community and its multifaceted culture. We hope to preserve its uniqueness and encourage community health and success. Your donations make this possible.


Realization of our Dream through one grant in 2006

Since a grant was received in 2005-2006 we have served more than 1500 adults for individual, couple, and family therapy within the multicultural community. We have been privileged to reach many communities across the spectrum, including: Iranian, Israeli, Armenian, Russian, Assyrian, Hispanic, European-American and African American; we have aided in dealing with many challenges, including: relationship issues with a partner, domestic violence, depression and anxiety, substance abuse, relationship issues with children, loss and grief, traumatic experiences, and family separation. The grant also supported psychotherapy for more than 120 adolescents; their average age being 13 years old including: Iranian, Israeli, and other children from multi-cultural backgrounds. We supported these adolescents through a variety of adjustment challenges, including: parent-child relational problems, family separation, problems with parents due to bi-cultural issues, attention deficit or hyperactive problems, for depression or anxiety and for loss and grief.

When asked about their experience and/or development, the majority (minors and adults, respectively) reported one of more of the following: that they feel less confused about their cultural identity, they feel their self-esteem has improved; that they are dealing more effectively with daily problems, they are getting along better with their families, they do better in school and/or work.

Your contributions have made it possible for PGI to support these clients and many others this year. Because we strive to make our programs affordable to clients who need financial assistance, no one is turned away from PGI for lack of funds. As a result, each year we face a significant deficit in revenue, which can only be made up by the generosity of the community. As part of our community, we are personally asking you for your support.

All donations to PGI are used to provide mental healthcare to people who recognize their own needs and are trying hard to move their lives in a more positive direction. Your gift can and will make a difference in their success in life. If you would like to make a donation and take part in supporting our ongoing service and commitment to strengthening the multicultural community and promoting its prosperity, you may do so here.


PGI is a non-profit organization, 501 ( C ) public charity organization. Your donation will be tax deductible.


If you are interested in making a contribution via donation, please send your checks to:

Personal Growth Institute, 5536 Tampa Ave, Tarzana, CA. 91356.