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12-step programs offer support and assistance for free or a small donation.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

Cocaine Anonymous

Marijuana Anonymous

Overeaters Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous

Debtors Anonymous

Sexaholics Anonymous

Sexual Complusives Anonymous

Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous

Support for Friends & Family Members

Alanon –support for family members and friends of problem drinkers.

Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA) – support for those who grew up in alcoholic or dysfunctional homes.

Codependents Anonymous - 12-step program for women and men seeking support to learn how to have healthy relationships.

OTHER USEFUL LINKS - Alcoholics anonymous - Manhattan Beach, CA treatment and assessment for learning disabilities in adults and children. - ACA – Adult Children of Alcoholics

Alanon & Alateen - Alanon & Alateen 12-step program for those in relationship with alcoholics and teens in relationship with alcoholics.

Codependents Anonymous Codependents Anonymous - Debtors anonymous - Gamblers anonymous - Love addicts anonymous - Narcotics anonymous - Overeaters anonymous

Promises - Addiction Treatment Center - Sexual addicts anonymous

Sierra Tucson - addiction and behavioral disorders Treatment Program - Sex and love addicts anonymous - Eating Disorders

Southern Cal WS Alanon - Alanon for Southern California

The Meadows - Addiction, Eating Disorders & Trauma Treatment Program

TARZANA TREATMENT CENTER - Addiction Treatment Program

SAN FERNANDO VALLEY COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH CENTER Chronic mental health issues treatment programs