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Do you have therapists who share my culture/background?
Our therapists have a variety of cultural backgrounds that uniquely enable them to connect with their clients. Often we have both male and female culturally sensitive therapists to best meet your preferences for gender and ethnicity.
At this time we have bilingual therapists who speak Armenian, English, Hebrew, Farsi, Russian, and Spanish.

Do you accept insurance?
Yes, PPO plans.

Are you contracted with any insurance carrier?
We are an out-of-network provider.

Do you have therapists who specialize in children?
Yes, we even have a CDS (Child Development Specialist) on staff and provide a range of services including play therapy, self care training, fine motor training, sensory processing regulation, social play development, speech therapy and communication skills.

Do your therapists prescribe medication?
Our therapists do not prescribe medication, however, we can refer you to a psychiatrist in our West Los Angeles office or a psychiatrist near you.

Do the therapists see clients on nights/weekends?
Our therapists are dedicated to helping you, and are willing to work with your schedule as best they can.

Do you offer alternative treatments?
We offer a variety of alternative treatments such as EMDR, Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, and Hypnotherapy. For more information, click here.

How often should I come in for therapy?
The first and second sessions are very important to receive the history and understanding of the presenting problem. The few first sessions are also important for building a relationship between you and the therapist. We usually suggest a commitment of 6 – 8 weekly sessions. After the 8th session, you and your therapist can asses whether to continue or terminate the therapy. If continuing, sessions can be changed to biweekly, monthly or on an as needed basis. Sessions may also be changed from weekly to biweekly and at a later time to monthly sessions or as needed basis if appropriate.

How long is each session?
The length of each session is usually 50 minutes, but in some cases, it can be increased to 8 or 100 minutes per session.

What is the fee for therapy?
The full fee for our therapists is $120 per session. We also offer a sliding scale for individuals and families that need support. The sliding scale fee is determined by your therapist based on your family income.

How do I know whether to get therapy for myself, my child, my relationship, or my family?
That depends largely on what the purpose of the therapy is and what issues are being presented. In the first assessment session with your therapist you can discuss the entire alternative and choose the best course of therapy for you at this time.