How to Use Body Language

Do you think someone is lying just by reading their body language?

  • Touching your face and neck, wringing your hand, changing your voice, avoiding eye contact, shutting your eyes, or covering your mouth can also just be ways the body relieves stress under pressure.

But a clear conscience has nothing to stress about, right?

  • The process of being questioned is stressful as it is. Before you accuse someone, consider than their body language may just be the result of nervousness from being put on the spot.

There are still body language signs you can rely on

  • A person to whom you’re speaking will subconsciously mirror your body positioning, posture, and voice tone if you are getting along. This can help you understand the impression this person has of you. Mirror their body language purposefully to put forth a express a positive impression of them.

Put your best self forward

  • When meeting someone, suppress a bad mood if you want the conversation to remain positive. A bad mood can be mirrored onto the other person and bring them down with you.

Control your facial expression

  • Hold eye contact for at least a few seconds at a time and focus on your smile. Keeping your forehead unwrinkled, jaw relaxed, and eyebrows lowered will show that you are not tense or nervous about the conversation.

Position your body

  • Straighten your back and press your shoulders back to exert confidence and control of your feelings. Keep your legs relaxed at a moderate level of comfort. Relaxing them out away from you makes you appear uninterested, but tightly crossing them makes you look nervous.

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